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Black Delight Luvsgr8est’s Webcam Show Review

Black Delight Luvsgr8est was on webcam tonight. It was my first time viewing her show and she didn’t fail to disappoint me. There’s lot’s of white, Asian and Latina cam girls. I sometimes it feel’s like the ebony babes are a bit thin on the ground. I don’t know why that is but when I discover a hot black girl I feel it’s my duty to review her fine ass.

Luvsgr8est (real name London) is 25 years old from Texas . She’s a country girl at heart but this young lady has a freaky side that comes out when that webcam is on.

London is a fine looking ebony queen with a huge smile. Her smile shows just how much she enjoys the pleasure and attention she receives from her loyal male followers. She has a very natural look going on which is very refreshing considering many cam girls feel the need to doll up when performing. Her chocolate skin is flawless and long wavy black hair is such a turn on. Her main feature that really gets the pulse racing is her gorgeous plump lips. Most women would and do pay for such delectable lips like London’s. They’ll have you wishing they was wrapped around your cock.

Her body is quite simply perfection. I viewed her show and was stunned seeing her body oiled up, showing every curve. The oil created a shine that is almost unrivaled on any other tone of skin then on black. It is a super sexy sight. London has a slim toned body type. Her boobs are a healthy size for a lady her size. Furthermore her nipples and dark areolas will have you wanting to suck on her tit’s all night long.

The Show

London has the type of personalty that is addictive. She’s fun as fuck and isn’t shy. She has a country girl vibe going on that makes her seem really sweet and innocent but viewing her show I can confirm she’s anything but. She is sweet just not innocent.

This girl orgasms like nobodies business. She was naked as the day she was born with her vibrator buried deep inside her pussy. Body shaking all over while she moaned out loud in pleasure. She talks real dirty when in the mist of orgasm, If you love ebony girls she will have you hard as a rock in no time at all.

London is a must see performer. A true black delight.  You won’t be disappointed that’s for sure!

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